Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Belly Dance Performance

This performance was at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT on March 24, 2010. Everyone at the academy was great, very attentive and helpful to make sure our show went as planned. They were so nice to invite us for dinner after the show. They had international week and I had some much needed Cuban meatloaf, rice and beans and fried plantains. Food was yummy!

I hadn't performed in public since before giving birth to my daughter Kayla. I was nervous at first but it felt great going out there and dancing. After the second song all my nerves disappeared and I danced away freely. Can't wait to do it again in May :) Our troop is called The Jewels of Araby.

 Here are a couple of pictures of me and the rest of the beautiful dancers:

Here is my new custom made veil by Sonya from Expressions.

Look how pretty our veils look! I just love our veil dances, it looks like beautiful wings fluttering through the air.


This is Habibi and we use our zills, always a crowd pleaser!


And this is our Egyptian dance using our canes. Check out my bedazzled cane in the previous post.

This is me and my awesome cousin Sharon who joined belly dancing shortly after I joined...we have so much fun together!

Oh and I have to add that my mom made my belly dance dress. Didn't it come out wonderful?! I wish I knew how to sew like her. She also made my wedding dress...maybe one day I will post a picture of that. She is so talented! Gracias Ma!

Thanks for looking! 


It's Jenn! said...

BEAUTIFUL! Looks like fun and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes and veils ♥

Katherine Acevedo said...

Thanks Jenn!

Sly Booby Trapper said...

It was so much fun and I'm so glad I get to share that hobby with you! I'm amazed by your constant creativity! Love you girl!

Crystal Alves-Tusim said...

this is fabulous...dancing is such an emotional release - I feel like a new person everytime I dance. You guys looked beautiful!...smiles =)

Katherine Acevedo said...

Thanks Crystal! We had so much fun and you are so right, it is a wonderful release. I wish I can dance ballroom like you do! I pretty much just know street salsa from growing up but I would love to learn all the techniques and the different latin dances.

Keep on dancing girl!