Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boutique Baby Wipe Case

This is my first try at converting a boring baby wipe case into a fashionable boutique baby wipe case. I love the look of this. Made a couple of mistakes here and there but I think I did pretty good for the first time. I can't wait to make more. I need one for pink! This was very easy and I hope to make more to sell. They make great baby shower gifts, specially for that fashionable mom. I made this one for my very trendy, pregnant and cute cousin who is expecting her first baby in April. As you can see by the color scheme, she is expecting a boy. Can't wait to meet the little guy! 

I got instructions on how to make this project on youtube. There are a couple of helpful videos, choose the technique you like and make your own! Check out some videos here.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! What did you use to cover that with - fabric or paper? That's fantastic. Great job!

Katherine Acevedo said...

I used fabric. The top has a layer of batting and then the fabric on top. No sewing required, just a hot glue gun!

Anonymous said...

Kathy...Thank you again for the wipe case!! it's so ME lol I love it!!! you know me so well :)
love you girl!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! So matches Kayla's theme colors :)