Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phone Covers

Another project for my husband...loves the Om symbol and the Lion of Judah. I found both images online, traced and cut. Jared loves them! He is thinking of the next thing I can make for him...he wants to vinyl everything lol. He is loving my Cricut, well watching me do my stuff :)



Car Bumper Stickers

My husband and his brother are into guitars. They requested a Martin Guitar logo. Looked it up online, traced it in inkscape and then cut! They are happy with their bumper stickers :)



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gi-Gi The Chinchilla!

 I found an image of a chinchilla online, traced it and cut it! Gi-Gi is happy girl!



Vinyl Labels

I made the labels for my rice, flour and whole wheat flour containers. I sraplifted this from someone on the Cricut MB. I like how my containers look ;)




Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pearl Ex Christmas Ornaments

I made these as Christmas presents for friends and family. I used the Jacquard pearl ex powders and glitter on some. I loved making this project. They look so good. Can't wait to make more next Christmas!

I bought clear glass ornaments. I tried making my own glue by mixing one part glue with two parts water...mine was all clumpy and the powders didn't stick well, so I bought ornament glue made by Sparkle and Sprinkle and it was the perfect consistency and worked perfect! I guess I didn't mix mine very well.

First I poured in the ornament glue, I didn't want to do it with the Pledge like everyone else because I have been reading on the Cricut MB about some people having problems within a week, apparently the glitter was coming off. Plus what I used is mostly powder. They are pigment powders made by Jaquard, called Pear Ex. I used very little glitter on some of them. I let the glue drip until there was no more dripping. Then I added my powders while I was moving the ball. I let them dry for a good 3 days.

A good tip is to fold a towel and place it on your table. Tap and swirl your ornament as you add your powders or glitter. Please be careful not to tap too hard that you will end up breaking your glass ornament and cutting yourself. I had tried to tap the ornament with the palm of my hand but I didn't like the look that was creating. Tap and swirl is the way to go!

The font I used was Curls in Microsoft Word. I tried using a script font but I was having trouble transferring the vinyl. But I think this font came out even better, looks more joyful!







This ornament is my favorite! I love how the colors and swirls came out.


The back of my favorite ornament...


Thanks for looking :)

My First Glass Blocks!

I made these for my niece Yvonne and nephew Xavier as a Christmas gift. Yvonne is into dance and Xavier into soccer so it was appropriate to make them each a block of their favorite activity. I am very pleased with the end result and can't wait to make more! I got a couple of ideas in my head already!

I made these using glass blocks I purchased from hobbylobby. I also bought the stands. First, I etched the front and back of the blocks with Armour Etch. I put together my svg design and opened it using SCAL and then cut it on my Cricut Expression. I used vinyl I got for free at sign businesses. Just call them up and ask them if they can give you their scraps. I got good scraps from 4 different stores! I carefully placed my cut design on my block. I also added their names on the back. I filled my block with Mini Christmas lights and for the dance block I added iridescent gift-wrap shreds.

Yvonne's "Just Dance" glass block...

I just love the dancers silhouette...I don't remember which site I got this svg from, but thank you to whoever made it! I love it!



Xavier's "Soccer" glass block...






By the way, they both loved their personalized glass blocks!

Click Here to download the "Just Dance" svg file

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jake's 2nd Birthday Party

For Jake's 2nd birthday party I decided to go with a Cookie Monster theme. It was hard to find Cookie Monster party supplies. Everything is Elmo, Abby or Sesame Street. He loves Cookie Monster and that is when I found out that Cricut has a Sesame Street Font cartridge. I thought how perfect! I can make my own Cookie Monster party supplies. So I invested in a Cricut...well my dear husband bought it for me for my birthday, thanks hun...I love this gift, still use it :) I am now hooked!!!

I made the invitations using the Sesame Street Font cartridge for Cricut.

I made the banner using the Celebrations and the Sesame Street Font cartridges. Wall border, Cookie Monster cut outs and goodie bags were made using the Sesame Street Font cartridge.



I made these CM party hats! I bought the hats at Party City, pom poms online, fun fringe at party partners shop. I made the eyes and mouth using my SS Font cartridge.

Most kids wore the hats for a minute! I was able to get 2 pictures of my son wearing it. I remember wearing party hats when I was little all the times have changed! Last time I invest time into making party hats.


I made Pin the Cookie on Cookie Monster, this was a great hit! Kids loved it!


My Cookie Monster bouquet. I love it!


Goodie Bags, these came out great! I tied them together with a blue "thank you" ribbon I found at Michael's.


The back of the goodie bags. I put this on the bags that way I knew which child the bag belonged to because of the personalized book marks and it also went with the Sesame Street theme.


Some of the goodies inside the bags...

Personalized bubbles! I removed the original label, printed labels I made on my computer and glued them on!


Stickers I got on ebay.


These are the cutest bookmarks! They were lots of fun to make too. I cut out the shadow of CM's face on foam...but I did not like the way it turned out so I ended up cutting out the next layer in blue card stock. It worked out because it gave his face some dimension. Added googly eyes and a large craft stick. I used my label maker to make a personalized label for each child.



I had my husband dress up as Cookie Monster.  I had him introduce the number (2) and letter of the day (J). He said it was pretty hot in that costume, thanks for the sacrifice! Jake eventually loved it! What??? I had to stick to the theme!!! hehehe



And of course here is the cake! Again, my friend Christine Morey made it for us...she is so wonderful and so talented! Can't wait till she makes my daughter's 1st year birthday cake!


Everything turned out beautiful and everyone loved the decorations. A lot of work but worth it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jake's 1st Birthday Party

His theme was Under The Sea. Party came out real cute and he enjoyed himself. He won't remember but mommy made sure to take lots of pictures!

The invitation...I love the wording!



The Party...

I made this submarine photo cut out. I drew my design on a large piece of cardboard, painted it and cut it out. This was a big hit at the party and we have great pictures! The adults ended up having more fun with this, the kids didn't seem too interested. 

I made these surprise balls out of clear plastic ornaments that open in halves, crepe paper and googly eyes...I love googly eyes! The kids had a blast unraveling the different colors of crape paper until they got to the clear ball with their goodies inside.

This was Pin The Fin On The Fish. I made this on Microsoft Word all out of clip art and printed it on 9 pages...I can't believe I used all that ink!

This wonderful cake was made by my friend Christine Morey...she is my cake lady ;)