Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pearl Ex Christmas Ornaments

I made these as Christmas presents for friends and family. I used the Jacquard pearl ex powders and glitter on some. I loved making this project. They look so good. Can't wait to make more next Christmas!

I bought clear glass ornaments. I tried making my own glue by mixing one part glue with two parts water...mine was all clumpy and the powders didn't stick well, so I bought ornament glue made by Sparkle and Sprinkle and it was the perfect consistency and worked perfect! I guess I didn't mix mine very well.

First I poured in the ornament glue, I didn't want to do it with the Pledge like everyone else because I have been reading on the Cricut MB about some people having problems within a week, apparently the glitter was coming off. Plus what I used is mostly powder. They are pigment powders made by Jaquard, called Pear Ex. I used very little glitter on some of them. I let the glue drip until there was no more dripping. Then I added my powders while I was moving the ball. I let them dry for a good 3 days.

A good tip is to fold a towel and place it on your table. Tap and swirl your ornament as you add your powders or glitter. Please be careful not to tap too hard that you will end up breaking your glass ornament and cutting yourself. I had tried to tap the ornament with the palm of my hand but I didn't like the look that was creating. Tap and swirl is the way to go!

The font I used was Curls in Microsoft Word. I tried using a script font but I was having trouble transferring the vinyl. But I think this font came out even better, looks more joyful!







This ornament is my favorite! I love how the colors and swirls came out.


The back of my favorite ornament...


Thanks for looking :)

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KreativeKristina said...

These are very pretty. I'm going to try to make these next year!