Monday, January 18, 2010

Jake's 1st Birthday Party

His theme was Under The Sea. Party came out real cute and he enjoyed himself. He won't remember but mommy made sure to take lots of pictures!

The invitation...I love the wording!



The Party...

I made this submarine photo cut out. I drew my design on a large piece of cardboard, painted it and cut it out. This was a big hit at the party and we have great pictures! The adults ended up having more fun with this, the kids didn't seem too interested. 

I made these surprise balls out of clear plastic ornaments that open in halves, crepe paper and googly eyes...I love googly eyes! The kids had a blast unraveling the different colors of crape paper until they got to the clear ball with their goodies inside.

This was Pin The Fin On The Fish. I made this on Microsoft Word all out of clip art and printed it on 9 pages...I can't believe I used all that ink!

This wonderful cake was made by my friend Christine Morey...she is my cake lady ;)

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Unknown said...

That was a great Party! The submarine came out beautiful and you did a wonderful job creating all the decorations and games.