Monday, April 12, 2010

Paper Toys - My New Hobby!

So while I was surfing the web on Friday I discovered something so cool! I am in love with this and I think it is quickly becoming my new hobby. It is called paper crafts. These are models constructed out of paper or card stock. You download a pattern from the designers website- cut, fold and glue.

I came across the website of paper engineer Tetsuya Watabe and his version of designer papercraft called ROMMY Sloth Paper Toys. Right now there are only two models on the website: "No.2" and "Panda Mood". Apparently from what I have read, he allows downloads for about a month and I have missed so many! I love paper folding and creating 3D paper projects so this is right up my alley and I can't believe I hadn't heard of this earlier.


Panda Mood

I went online and did a Google search on paper toys and was so amazed at the different kinds! There are buildings, cars, Nintendo figurines, etc. You name it, someone has made a paper craft model of it! I even found a toilet paper craft hehehe.

This is another one of Tetsuya Watabe's models. You can find the pattern for this little guy called Zamber here.  He also has the Koomarty models but those are for sale.

I can't wait to print, cut, fold and glue some more. So far ROMMY's are my favorite! I am on a search to get the other models. Go try making one yourself. You'll see how much fun it is and you'll be hooked!