Thursday, February 18, 2010

My husbands Valentine's gift

I definitely knew I wanted to make Jared something for Valentine's, the question was what? So one day I saw him go through a shoe box that was in his closet where he keeps all of his cards, pics and anything sentimental he wants to hold on to. So I thought, I'd make him a nice box!

I bought an unfinished crate/box from M's, of course with my 50% off coupon. Got 3 different colors of acrylic paint. I painted two coats of Brown, then sponged Golden Brown and Tan. I used the Craftsmart paints from M's. They work great! The painting process took a long time, about 3-4 hours. I can see why Jared hates painting hehehe.

I then used my printing on tissue paper technique, and printed out pictures and things Jared is into...which is mostly music :) Oh how he loves his music and guitars! Then I also did some cut outs out of vinyl. I specially love the top of the box. The half guitar and that saying describe him very well.

So I finally finished it yesterday. Yes, my present was late but I got two little ones, can you blame me? I couldn't finish on time :) I am so happy with how this came out and I couldn't wait for him to get home so that he can see it. Well, there was a great reaction from him! He loves his box and does not want to keep it in his closet to store sentiments. He doesn't know what he'll put in it yet but he knows that he wants to keep it out to see and enjoy it. It's funny because as the box was taking shape I figured he'd want to use it for something else...I guess I still owe him a sentiments box.

Click on the pictures for close ups.






Below is the inside of the top.


I have to say that although the painting took a long time, I love how my faux finish paint job came out.

Thanks for looking :)

Home - Love and Dreams Tile

I finally finished this tile! It took me forever because I had problems tracing the house image. I made this tile for my cousin Shirley and boyfriend Jason who just bought a house together. I also made the little house explosion box for them. I hope to finally give them their gift this weekend! It was a lot of work because I hit a lot of walls but I am very pleased with the outcome...too cute! A perfect housewarming gift :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Printing On Tissue Paper

This is my first video! I hope you guys find it helpful and informative. Please leave a comment. Your feedback will help me to create better videos in the future.

Thanks for watching :)


I used a software called ArcSoft Print Creations to add the border around my pictures.  I think this looks nicer instead of a square picture. The border blends in with the tile a bit better. Some computers come with similar software, so I would check what your computer has. 

One thing I didn't mention on the video is that before you cut your picture take it outside and give it a couple of layers of acrylic sealer spray. This helps to seal your ink in. If not then your pics will bleed onto your tile when you adhere it with mod podge. I give it about 3 good layers. Hope this helps! 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My First Explosion Box

I think this just came out so cute! I made this for my cousin Shirley and her boyfriend Jason who just bought a house together. I think it is the perfect card/box for the occasion. Oh and her favorite color is green :)

I love the little details I put into this box like the house, windows, welcome mat, green felt for grass and my absolute favorite the "sold" sign. The flowers were made by a friend. I need to start purchasing punches to make these little flowers!

You can find the template for the house at Amy's SVG's. It's a little box meant for candies but I attached it to the felt which I then glued down to the base of the box. I made my own roof, windows, door, porch and glued it on.





 This is the back of the house.



I can't wait to make more exploding boxes...I already have some ideas. I tell you I have so many projects I want to get done but so little time. My brain just keeps going and going and going...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Bumper Sticker

I saw this on a website. Found the font - Dancers Arab. Found an image of a belly dancer online, put it together and cut. I so love how the dancer came out. Love the detail on her dress!

Rak = Dance



I need a car wash!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

3D Layered Butterfly

This was one of the first stamps I bought when I began stamping. It is made by Holly Berry House Originals, the stamps is called Lady Lace. I love the look of this butterfly and what you can do with it. Medallion stamps are great because there are plenty of possibilities for layering and the 3D look you can create is so beautiful.


For this project you will need: 5 different colors of card stock, Versa Mark watermark stamp pad, gold embossing powder, a heat tool, Twinkling H2O's, Stickles, 3D Dots (thick), white card stock, cloud stamp kit, and a shadow box.


Emboss the butterfly onto the 5 colors of card stock.




Decide how you want to layer your butterfly according to the colors you choose. You need to have a base, which is the complete butterfly. With your remaining four butterflies, you will cut them from large to small. That way you create a layered look. For these four don't worry about the antennas, you can cut them off because the antennas will be on your base butterfly.


Place your layers on top of each other that way you have an idea of what your butterfly will look like.


I used Twinkling H2O's to paint the detail of my butterfly. You can use markers or anything you have on hand to add color to your layers.




The next step is to pretty much cover your top layer (the smallest) with Stickles. Be careful with the H2O's because it tends to run when you apply Stickles on top. Make sure to not spread too much on the painted parts. Apply Stickles on the rest of the layers. I only apply where the next layer will be seen. No need to cover the whole butterfly.




Sorry but at this point my camera ran out of batteries and couldn't continue to take pictures. Follow these next steps to build your 3D butterfly. 

Cut your base layer to your desired size. I added another piece of card stock behind it to frame it up. When your stickled butterflies have completely dried, take your butterflies and fold the wings in from the sides of the butterfly's body. Then use your fingers or a pencil to curl the wings and give it shape. Use your 3D foam adhesive dots to place on bottom of largest butterfly layer. I put one on the head, body and bottom part of butterfly. I applied it to the base layer being careful to place it precisely to match up with your base. Continue to do this for the rest of your layers. Before I applied my top layer (smallest) I decided to cut the head off, that way you can see the next layer's head instead. You can choose to keep the head if you'd like. I chose not to keep it because I wanted the focus of the top layer to just be the wings. 


I made the background paper using my Stamping in the Clouds Stencil Kit. I used white card stock that was already embossed with swirls and stenciled on my clouds. I love the look this kit creates. It's always fun to make pretty clouds! I also added some crystal stickers to the swirls of the antenna's.





Insert layered butterfly into your shadow box and your 3D layered butterfly is complete!!


I made four of these 2 years ago for Mother's day. The recipients of these butterflies absolutely loved their gift :)