Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Belly Dance Cane & Silk Veil

So for our Egyptian dance we use a cane. Our instructor told us to decorate the handle part of the cane. So of course I had to bling mine out! It took me about three hours to make. The adhesive I used is Bond 520, I bought a pack of different size jewels from Michael's. One pack in crystal and one in multi color. I sat there with my tweezers and one by one got each stone glued in place. I really like the way it looks, specially the K initial I added. That is my favorite part.

A pretty dazzling personalized cane!

This is how my cane was given to me, just wrapped in gold foil...BORING!

This is my cane after I bedazzled the heck out of it...hehehe.


As for the veil, it is a new one I just got custom made by Sonya from Expressions. It is a 3-yds x 45" rectangle in 5mm habotai silk. She is great and does amazing work. All her work is hand made and she was fast and so helpful in designing my veil. I love the grey tentacles and the different blues. I already used it at a performance and it looked so beautiful as it flowed through the air. It also matched my belly dance outfit very well ;)

I absolutely recommend her for any customized veils, scarfs, etc. Amazing what she can do with her skill!

Thanks Sonya!!


It's Jenn! said...

Beautiful and so sparkly! LOVE IT! I've been taking belly dancing fitness classes and have a newfound appreciation for those who can perform doing.....I can't even shimmy and walk at the same time!

Katherine Acevedo said...

Cool! I love to hear of others belly dancing. I always say all those shimmies, isolations, snake arms, it all takes practice. I love my belly dancing classes and performances so much fun and a great way to work out. Keep practicing and soon you will be walking and shimming at the same time :)

Anna said...

I am in the UK and have been Belly dancing for a year now. We have our first 'show' just for friends and family in May. We are doing a stick dance and I have spent all morning trying to find someone who had made their own stick. Thanks for the ideas.

I have used a cane and pushed part of a metal coat hanger into one end, and bent it to shape ( and glued it into place using PVA glue). Then I have paper mash-aid over the top of the hook. It is drying now. I will decorate it next weekend. Thanks for the ideas.

Katherine Acevedo said...


I am glad you got inspired! I hope your cane came out great...keep on shimmying girl!!