Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sticker Book

 So I was blog hopping one night and came across a really cool blog: Samster Mommy. This blog is so witty and funny and full of great ideas for my kids. My new thing is making things for Jake (2 1/2) and Kayla (1). My head is filled with so many projects I want to make for them. Either for when they get older or something they can use now. My problem is I have so many plans for projects but so little time! But I guess one thing at a time. I will eventually get to make them all!

I browsed and browsed and found a project I needed to make ASAP!! It is the DIY sticker book, which you can find a great tutorial here. What a great idea! Jake loves stickers but freaks out when he sticks them onto something and can't peel it off. So I had to stop giving him stickers, what was I going to use as a potty reward?  I ended up using M & M's but it has now been a couple of weeks since he's shown any interest in the potty. But that is a different story, back to the sticker book...Samster's Mommy used an old book, spray adhesive, card stock, ribbon and freezer paper! How ingenious! That way you can stick and unstick the stickers without your child freaking out! So I got all my materials and got to work!

It wasn't too bad making the sticker book but it was a very sticky situation hehehe. I ended up using "Funky Tape" that I found at Michael's as a trim instead of the suggested ribbon because when I tried to hot glue the ribbon to the freezer paper it came off very easily. I'd figured I'd try this material instead. (Btw, the tape started to unstick about a day or two after I gave this to my son so if anyone figures out a different trim, please let me know!)

I finally finished his sticker book and he seemed to enjoy it! That is until he started to take the stickers off the sticker book and put them on his arm. So all that work and Jake just wanted stickers on his arms not the actual book! Kids will be kids! I guess he is still not ready for stickers! I ended up putting the book away for a later time or else my little menace of a boy would eventually tear it apart lol. That has been his new thing...destroying books. I've had to keep them out of reach and allowed usage under adult supervision!

This is his "cheese" face...silly boy!

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